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Conference History

Judges & Police Conference HistoryThe Conference was born because of the special vision of an Erie County Sheriff, Charles A. Freiberg, and the perseverance and contacts of an Erie County Directory of Probation, Robert H. Zahm.

The early members of the Conference included officers from the police departments of Buffalo and surrounding towns, the New York State Police, the Erie County Sheriff's Department, Railroad Police, Security Police for Industries, Chamber of Commerce, Children's Aid Society, and also Judges, attorneys, physicians and dentists. In fact, it was a dentist, Dr. Oscar A. Lang (who later became president and long-time secretary), who named the organization.

In 1932, Attorney Philip Halpern, a Conference member who later became a Supreme Court Judge, drew up the papers of incorporation. The Articles of Incorporation, which were officially filed on June 23, 1932, specified the purpose of the organization and are still viable today.

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