Judges & Police Executives Conference of Erie County NY, Inc.
  • Buffalo & All of Erie County, New York
  • To Protect And To Serve
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About Judges & Police Conference

About Judges & Police ConferenceOur purpose is...

  • To promote an official and mutual friendship and cooperation between the judiciary, attorneys, Police and law enforcement agencies of the Federal, State, County, Cities, Towns, Villiages, Industrial Police, Railroad Police, Licensed Detective Agencies, Humane Agencies, Probation and Parole Officers in Erie County, neighboring counties, and the bordering provinces of the Dominion of Canada
  • To devise methods for the protection of the general public
  • To advance uniform judicial procedures and police systems
  • To promote discussion of judicial and police experiences of educational value to those engaged in the Criminal Justice System
  • To interest our citizens in the maintenance of law and order
  • To promote crime prevention methods economically, socially, and through education
  • Using scholarships to enhance the education of children as they enter the criminal justice field
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